My ice boat is for sale.  Building your own boat would be fun but this boat will get you on the ice now!  Also, the materials and fittings required will cost double my sale price: $2000 boat $300 trailer $200 slush runners. 

The iceboat includes a custom built trailer; however, I will sell it without the trailer.  Also, the slush runners are for sale separately.

The trailer has all-LED lighting and protected, silver-soldered, heavy-duty wiring for solid reliability.

This ice boat was built by the late Dave Klatt … a skilled wood worker.  Like a number of ice boaters, Dave was a sailplane pilot.  He built his own glider which is still flying today.  Dave served as a tow plane pilot for the Minnesota Soaring Club as I did.

I have since built a stronger plank for heavier boaters using a form supplied by Jim Wood.  I built a nice set of slush runners with the help of Jim Wood and Dale Johnson.

Interested parties can explore my website:
which covers ice boatin in the Twin Cities area
Some Details of interest:
Building a New Plank   … used West System adhesive … followed by a heat for post-cure
Iceboat Trailers - Examples and Detail Construction Photos
Iceboats and Trailers - UltraCruiser Project … SmugMug photo drop site

My ice boat is in the foreground:

Where's the ice?

Some nice looking ice ... cushion is included:

Custom built trailer ... when new! ... handles for easy handling.  Nose extension for the 16-foot mast.

Top lifts off for easy assess from all side (vs hinges) ... all items easily reached:
Space for two sets of runners, boots, tools, cushions, lunch, etc.