Iceboat Trailers - Examples and Detail Construction Photos
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Extensive Photos Placed on SmugMug, a photo sharing website: 

I will load more photos of the interior soon ...

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For the past year (2005 and 2006), I have searched for information on building a trailer for a DN iceboat and building a soft-water sailing boat using a DN sail.  I have not had any luck.  This fall, I built a trailer.  This webpage will feature the detailed construction photos.

2016:  Do a Google search ... you find a few items 
  Google Images for Trailers 
  Google Text for "How to Build an Ice Boat Trailer" 

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                                                              Coming soon ...  ... Construction photos of my updated custom trailer

Ice Safety is paramount.  Test for ice thickness ... either using a cat or a cutie:

Test Setup to determine distribution of parts:
Note:  Blue box contains the heavy runners ... these should be forward

Bare trailer with DN iceboat parts installed for highway test at 70 mph to ensure proper weight distribution for dynamic balance.  Shown on the trailer (left to right) are:
- DN boat 
- Case for 3 steel runners (blue) 
- Mast (black) 
- 8 foot plank 
- not loaded  
    ... sail and boom 
    ... misc.  Sheet (rope), guy wires, etc. 

The white wooden supports were used for car topping.

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