Slush Runners ... by Steve Adkins
and Farm Engine ... by Dale Johnson

As usual ... click on photo for larger and more complete photo

Page down to see where people park these dang things ...........

Dale Johnson cutting slots to facilitate bending angle

Steve uses door frame and runners to ensure the runner planks will be flat and true

Sandwich of 3 pairs of blanks being glued
The white is some kind of reflection from the flash on separation sheet

Do these look to be warmer on the ice ? ==========>

More to come later
... need to rest my feet for a bit!

Piston Rod salvaged aluminum from Adkins Wards Radial Arm Saw

Points for spark in upper foreground
Note: Bent angle in the right background of photo

First assembly of the season ... no wind but headed down hill
Where to put that huge trailer?
Here are two solutions ... Send me your solution.

Can't see it

Put it hear to get it out of the way for a few moments ...
Decided it was a great place year around.

New cement was poured for this pad

Note: Dale's nice shop in the back ... also the trailer overhang at the rear

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Building Slush Runners for the DN iceboat ... sometimes called Angle Runners.
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