Recovery of DN Ice boat from Lake Pepin
10:00 AM to 3:30 PM .... 25 January 2008
Irony: Brand new Boston Sail ... first and last day it was used!

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Mission: Recovery DN ice boat which broke through the ice
Obstacles: One mile of trail, one mile of river ice of varying depth to cover; cold, brisk wind; and new snow storm.
Results: Excellent! The ice boat was recovered with little damage and no one broke through the ice ... but the sail was lost.

Suggested tools and Staff:
At least six tough men ... Woody, Jim, Jon, Dale, Mike and Steve
Light weight duck boat ... OK, we screwed up here royally ... but at least we didn't have to float the boat
Couple chain saws
Several ice chippers
Ice drill
Ice depth gauge
Rope (both for recovery of the DN ice boat and for harnessing the "dog" team; plus, safety rope trailing behind duck boat)
Poles with hooks (firmly fastened)
Plastic sled
Extra set of dry clothes and boots ... not needed
Camera ... the photos below were scanned from glossy photos taken with a disposable camera.  A few photos partially obscured by mitten.

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Self portrait of a genus!

Final resting place ... sail sandwiched between two layers of ice.

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