Circle Lake - 8 December 2006
DeForest brings his Arrow ... Marilyn Meline joins us for several rides.
( A few shots are fly-bys of the Arrow at high speed)
Mattsson showed 49 miles perhour on his GPS
DeForest lets the rest of us take his two-place Arrow for a spin ... sitting is easy after the neck-breaking DNs.
Jim Wood's new white truck and rig to carry the DN iceboat.

No captions ... enjoy ... be certain to note the reflections in the clear ice

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Marilyn Meline and Jim Wood at the end of a ride in De's two-place Arrow
Owner: DeForest Underdahl
Arrow one design fiberglass iceboat designed and built by the Boston Sail Co. of Mt. Clemens, Michigan.

(See TIMELINE of the North American history of iceboating for more details)

Jim Wood's new truck and rig to carry the DN


Steve Adkins and the iceboat built by Dave Klatt ... new plank built by Steve

Dale Johnson with an older DN that he restored.

Marilyn and Jim zoom by ..... whoosh!

Coming back at high speed in the Arrow!

Jim Mattsson trying to miss the DN trailer ... looks like it's sinking into the ice.

De ... DeForest Underdahl
In the background, a red "New" very old DN joins our group ... need to get the name ... he owns two stern-steerer iceboats and parts for a third.

Jim Wood's and Steve Adkins' DNs ... note the image in the ice.

Another pass by the Arrow

The Arrow at rest.

Cold but happy!