Black Ice
A Day of Iceboating on Cedar Lake
First sailable day of the year ... Late December 2004
[ Updated 5/22/2006 ]

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Black Ice - Cedar Lake
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First Day Iceboating - 2004-2005 Season

These photos were taken with a disposable camera.  Part way through the day, the lanyard link broke with the camera "lost" on the ice.  Retracing my path for about 15 minutes, I was able to recover the camera along with a beer bottle.  Visibility was excellent. A simple leaf could be seen at some distance.  The previous year, one of our boaters lost his car keys on a larger lake.  They were never found.  I now keep mine on a colorful lanyard.

Taking photographs of iceboats speeding by at 50 mph while trying to control your own boat at 40 mph is difficult to say the least. 

Jon Mattsson is shown adjust his helmet liner  ----> 
     Jim Wood - ring leader 
     Jon Mattsson 
     Dale Johnson 
     Steve Adkins

Dale Johnson ... [Large] [Medium]
Jim Wood
Boats: Adkins (Klatt), Mattsson, Wood and Johnson
People: Mattsson, Wood and Johnson
Adkins' boots and Johnson's DN
Giving the home owners a close look
Race: Johnson (look hard), Wood then Mattsson in the lead
Jon Mattsson races by
6-inch wide track of ice chips kicked up by narrow blade

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