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Minnesota Iceboating
Small Update 2018
Recent weather (climate change?) has reduced our ice boating!

Author John Burroughs said:
"It is always good weather for something ..."

(Letter of the Day (StarTrib Jan 31, 2014): Winter's Work ... Betty Ann Addison, Fridley)

Lake Calhoun is our favorite city lake for ice boating ... which is legal!
January 11, 2010, two pilots found the weather good for landing
on Lake Calhoun to pick up a hamburger!

Two Planes Land on
Link BROKEN Lake Calhoun ... KARE 11
Please note the above link has been lost.  If you know of a link, let me know.

This link works:
WCCO 4 ... Link to News Report ... 25 mBytes, slow to load ... go get a cup of coffee!

These webpages:
- Are rarely updated
- Provide maps to some lakes used by our group
- Provide details on some iceboat construction activity
- Provide details on the construction of two custom trailers ... a little covered topic
- Provide some iceboat maintenance descriptions

We sail many lakes in Minnesota and a few city lakes:
Major Lakes: Lake Minnetonka (Shorewood Yacht Club), Lake Pepin (Mississippi River), White Bear Lake
Minneapolis City Lakes: Lake Calhoun, Lake Harriet
St. Paul City:
Lake Phalan ... where they cut ice blocks for the Winter carnival
Suburb Lakes: Marion Lake
Outlying Lakes: Cedar Lake, Union Lake, Circle Lake

.... plus

- Links to interesting websites

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Page way down to see the new Renegade under construction

Also go direct to:  More on Renegade    Renegade Trailer  

A few "picture" links ... links also seen in the Navigation list above.  Click on photo or text.

Aligning Runners with Laser Beam

Black Ice - Perfect Day of Iceboating

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Jim Wood - Beautiful Iceboat - [Large Image]

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Renegade Under Construction by
Dale Johnson
[Click here to: See more ]
Several projects are underway including a Corvette rebuild

To the left, Dale Johnson is holding the springboard in place.  Above and below are the steering plank pivot along with the original magazine article below.

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Author at Lake Phalen, Winter 2003-2004
Cutting ice for the Ice Palace in St. Paul
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