Two Postings - Cordless Drill Starter for Small Engines
[ created 12-3-2009 ]
Don't like being near revolving props?
Want to perform a restart while flying?
.... Below is a possible solution.
Note: I suggest making the cordless drill removable; thus, minimizing the impact to the 254 pound weight limit.
Of course, you still have to be under the maximum gross weight of 500 pounds ... if not, lose some wieight off your bod!

I owned a 1941 J-3 Cub with a Franlin engine.  It usually was easy to start ...
but on hot days on cross-country trips, it sometimes took a lot of flips before starting.

All the Hummel UltraCruiser videos on  YouTube seem to start on one flip.  But: ... Ralph and his 37 hsp half-VW ... three hard flips with gloved hand.

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New STC for Safe Start Starter A65 / A75 ... click here for the full posting and email link  


Starter for the A65 / A75 and other non electrical engines?

My name is Mike Hamp with Hamp Aircraft Service in Elwell, MI. I thought you might be interested in our new STC#SA02604CH Safe Start Starter Systems for 65 continental starter. It is approved for Taylorcraft, Piper cub, Champ and Luscombe. Our system operates with a 18v cordless drill mounted on the firewall to a ring gear installed behind the propeller. To start, just pull the T-handle starting cable mounted in the cabin.

At this time it must be installed by Hamp Aircraft Service, we have a PMA pending. The cost for the starter will be $1850.00 + tax and installation. If you have any questions please feel free to call Harold Hamp anytime at (989) 463-1762 or email  

Mike Knemeyer, 1410 Meadow Lane, Yellow Springs,Ohio 45387

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 18, 2009 6:23 am    Post subject: starter for no-electrics engines Reply with quote

This may already have come up in discussion here so if it
has, I apologize in advance but I'm
always behind on my reading so I'm just now getting around
to reading my Sport Aviation with the Tailwind on the cover.
Probably from March or April. Anyway, there is a short
article on a really nifty starter that uses a cordless
drill driving a ring gear that bolts to the prop hub
before the prop goes on. It's for older Continentals like
the A65s that so many of us have (as well as other engines
and airplanes with no electrics or provision for starters).
A T-handle pull cable
from the cockpit engages the drive gear from the drill at
the same time that the trigger is pulled, and a Bendix
arrangement keeps the drive from breaking if the engine
kicks back.

Has anyone seen one of these or actually tried one? They
are STC'ing the setup and it is supposed to sell for something
like $1500 plus another $800 for installation (or some
amount like that). I thought it was very clever.

Oscar Zuniga
Air Camper NX41CC
San Antonio, TX
mailto: taildrags(at)
website at
... Be Sure to check this website.  Very nice aircraft and good building photos

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