Squeeze Rivet Station - Squeeze Riveting Nose Ribs
Work Station and Techniques

[Created Early 2009 updated 11/17/2009]

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Rivet Station ... rivet squeezer clamped in vice
Note: see below for a new holding fixture.  

Reaching a difficult rivet
Rail section holds angle brace while allowing total freedom for placement

Improved squeeze rivet work station ... shown with nose rib.
Two tubes hold the squeezer vs. clamping in the vise.
This allows rotation of the squeezer.  
The left or right tube is selected
based on required
space for your hand during the squeeze operation.
Note: Mounting board is from a busted Ice Boat plank.
Huge aircraft bolt replaces railroad track.

Squeeze rivet work station - close view
Vice, squeezer, yoke and support angle can all be positioned to reach
difficult locations while ensuring that the squeezer is perpendicular.
Here the change to the rivet pattern can be seen.  The
lower flange is made longer to allow the rivets to be longitudinal
rather than perpendicular.  Also, the formed piece has a 
simplified corner at the lower and upper -rear corners
allowing for a straight cut with your tin snips.

Squeezer shown with a mid-rib

Insert sides filed flat for tight riveting ...
Note: if the squeezer inserts lean against
the assembly,
 the rivet will be driven crooked (bad) and may split (worse) .
(both top insert and bottom insert have flat sides cut and polished)  

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