Zodiac Wingtip
Possible Modification for the Hummel UltraCruiser

After reading about the difficulties in forming the wingtips for the UltraCruiser, I stumbled onto the much simpler wingtip design used in the Sonex.  This method of building a wingtip could easily be used on the UltraCruiser.

Note: The Sonex supplies a composite part for the leading edge of the wingtip which includes structure for position lights ... so this mod might not be straight forward at the leading edge.

By the way, I intend to use flat plates which extend above and below the wing by 1.5 inches and 2.5 inches.  This based on feedback from a Legal Eagle builder.  I think wing tip plates are ugly; but, they are easy to build, reduce weight.  According to the Legal Eagle builder, they improve handling.  Another option which looks better is the Mooney flat wing end ... but the Mooney has a tapered wing.  I might try this first since at our speed, drag is not a problem but loss of lift may be a problem with the lower horsepower VW engines. 

I apologize for the photos.  The wings were stored in a garage with the wingtips in a dark corner.  Flash tended to wash-out the photo due to reflections from the highly polished aluminum.  Also, there was no room for standing back to get proper perspective.  I tried to find better photos on the web and was partially successful.

Click on photos to enlarge:

The three pieces at the tip are the upper piece, the lower piece and, key, the wingtip top angle.

According to the builder, the wingtip is curved only in one plane; thus, only one side of the angle or flange must be crimped to achieve the proper curve

The plans indicating crimping both flanges.

The angle of the bend may be different for the UltraCruiser.

Wing is on a wing rack ... nose down.

You are looking at the rear portion of the wingtip looking down.  The aileron is at the top of the picture (note: no hinges, the metal bends ... unique).  No gap seals required!

More distant view of the wingtip.  Looking down.  Aileron at the top.

Website for photos to the right....

An under view of the wingtip:

Top view of entire wing and wingtip:

This bottom view look like an earlier version of the Sonex.  It appears the edges of the bottom wingtip skin are bent over vs. using the additional flange angle ... similar to the UltraCruiser.

By comparing this images to the above, you can see how clean the wingtip looks when using the additional flange angle.

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