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Charles Snyder has extablished a database of builders:
Yahoo UltraCruiser Builder Database  ... click here ... 5 UltraCruisers listed, 1 completed ... Builders Directory ... Hummel ... 8 Hummel Birds listed

Charles Snyder 
A Blog by a builder of the UltraCruiser.  Lots of images of construction; plus, hours expended building each item.
Lengthy text accompanies photos describing the steps required.
Bill Batzloff

80 contruction photos
  5 flying photos


BK Fliers LLC - BK1 

Video: 20 rivets in 4 minutes 

Slide Show: Fit skin to wing  click on full size

Bruce King
Donald Bruce King
2126 Turkey Ledge St
San Antonio, Texas

Hummel Bird
Empty Weight: 403 pounds
Gross Weight: 650 pounds
VW 1635 with 60 hsp

First Flight 6-02-2002

Used AOL 
Hummel Bird N88BK
Build Log for a Hummel Bird.  
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Two planes built side-by-side.  
Jim Winchester and Bob Miller
Bob Miller

Building A 103 UltraCruiser
“ounces make pounds”
Page down to the article by Bob ... Building ... Flying

Bob can be contacted via e-mail at, or via telephone at:

Terry Warburton ...

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