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Photos of Homebuilders 

This webpage provides links to websites of interest to builders of the Hummel aircraft including :
- Hummel Aircraft - the source of the plans, parts, kits and engines
- Other builders
- Suppliers of materials and tools
- Technology
- Safety information

Primary Sources:
Hummel Aviation  
Hummel Engines   ... Price list for complete engines and parts

Charles Snyder  A Blog by a builder of the UltraCruiser.  Lots of images of construction; plus, hours expended building each item.
                            Lengthy text accompanies photos describing the steps required.
dbk4939  Over 6000 images and brief description for builders by Bruce King, BK Fliers LLC
                 Also, see the Air & Space magazine article which includes Bruce Kings BK1
                     "... 2004, BRUCE KING of San Antonio, Texas, built his BK1 prototype for only $6,800"
                 Modified to fit a 6 foot, 4 inch pilot at 240 pounds.
Hummel Bird N88BK Build Log for a Hummel Bird.   Slide show Photo 1 of 295 ... or,  Photo index 39 rows of 8 photos.
BK Fliers LLC - BK1 - N988BK 
Here is another version built for larger pilots: Build This Plane for $6800 ... Bruce King's project ... the BK1.  Thousands of photos.

Builders on Hummel's webpage:

Bill-Batzloff  ... UltraCruiser
80 contruction photos
  5 flying photos

Nice Paint Scheme                                                                   Mod to Nose Rib

Mr. Fujita ... UltraCruiser 4 photos start through completion
Dave Ulma  ... UltraCruiser Works in Progress, 13 photos

Tools Used an excellent list created by Charles Snyder, a builder of the UltraCruiser

Hummel Engines   ... Price list for complete engines and parts 
Great Plains Aircraft Supply Company    Type 1 Engine Kit parts and plans or page down for the Davie Carr Twin 1/2 VW plans and parts.
          Beetle Flyer  ... Newsletter in Adobe format  

Video: 20 rivets in 4 minutes 

How to: 
ZenithAir College by Chris Heintz
         Sample:  Start hole by placing point of drill on marked centerlines. With the fingers, turn the chuck until an indentation is made.
                         Do not let the drill spin in the hole any longer than necessary. ... see Drilling  Riveting1  Riveting2   and more

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