Final Riveting Closes Up First Wing Panel

Final Riveting Closes up First Wing Panel
Weight: 25 pounds without wing tips but including spar fittings fittings
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Note: White tape is reminder to NOT rivet the outer rib

Effort to avoid skins dimples at rivet points were partly successful
Very Rude Surprise!

After the wing is totally closed up ...
I discover a Cleco "buried" in the exact center of the rear spar
I don't have a 4-foot arm ... what to do?  

Leave the Cleco in the wing?  No way!
Also, the Cleco tip distorts the aileron hinge doubler.

Solution: Install Cleco pliers on pole similar to the long poles used to trim
branches in trees.  Materials on hand used without any cutting ... just drilling

Locking onto the buried Cleco.  Note pulley in photo had to be
relocated on the bottom angle to provide full closure of pliers.

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