If you are lucky, a great dog comes into your life.  After Phoenix died, I wanted to remain "pet-less".  But all the kids were bugging me to get a dog ... especially Vicki who was quite young when Phoenix died and she hadn't had the opportunity to enjoy a dog as an older child.  So as total surprise to all, I came home with a Beagle, Sunny.  The best tribute I can give the dog is to say, "Sunny was a good dog."

I was most impressed with his ability to learn to yawn on command.  One day while Vicki was walking Sunny down the street, they came upon some other kids.  "What a cute dog!"  "What kind of dog is he?" (Sunny was an extra tall, 60 pound Beagle so most people assumed he was something else.)  "Can he do any tricks?"  Vicki replied, "Well I do'no, oh yeh, he can yawn on command."  Snidely the girls replied, "Oh sure!".  While the trick was still fairly new ... Sunny was still learning ... he flawless performed the command leaving stunned kids in his trail!

Vicki, my daughter, had a webpage honoring our great dog Sunny ... but that webpage was lost ... only the photo survives.  Soon, Vicki will be adding a list of Sunny's vocabulary.  OK, Vicki ... "soon" was decades ago!

After submitting a cartoon suggestion to "Marmaduke" for Judy's granddog Jazz (which was accepted!)

... it occurred to me to submit Sunny ... which was accepted!

Here is Judy's submission to Marmaduke.  It is a great story which demonstrates that dogs (and animals) have feelings!
Note: It was Judy's son Not grandson.  Coincidentally, the girlfriend dog lived one-half block from us in Burnsville!

I submitted Sunny doing his vulture pose.  No dice.  But just a two months after I sent the Snoopy impersonation ... Parade showed a dog doing the exact same thing! 

Yes, a cat can do the pose:

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