What I learned about Dating from My Mother
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No real man would admit learning anything about dating from his mother.  This is not an admission, but merely an humerous Historical episode.

Mother's second husband died when she was about 68 years old.  She was in excellent health and very active socially.  Mother lived in a mobile home park in Chula Vista which catered primarily to retired couples and older working couples.  The park offered swimming, pool table, dances and travel activities.  Several other couples of their social circle in Omaha, Nebrask had also moved to the same mobile home park.  Another couple moved to Las Vegas, but became Bingo addicts.  At this time, there were several retired Navy men interested in her.  Since Chula Vista is just outside San Diego, there were a lot of retired Navy men since San Diego is one of their favorite places to retire.  Two of the men were excellent bridge players.  Mom had resumed playing bridge (neither Max nor my Dad played bridge).  She was well along in earning Masters points and had won a lot of tournaments.  Bridge playing seems to be a good way to meet interesting people who arrange other interesting thing to do.  But most bridge players take the game too seriously for my taste.

Diverging slightly, one of Mom's bridge friends (a lady) was asked to house-sit in a mansion in Mexico.  This friend asked Mom to come along and help.  Little did she know what she was in for.  Upon arrival, they found the mansion surrounded by very poor housing but well separated by walls and gates.  Once inside the estate, you were not aware of the poor surroundings (typical in Mexico).  She was escorted to her room to discover that she had a personal maid assigned to her to assist in every way.  The next morning, while discussing the calendar for the three-week stay, she discovered a surprising custom.  They would be treated as if they were owners.  As a result, they were invited almost daily to parties and other types of gatherings of the friends of the absentee owners.  Needless to say they had a great time.  Only two mishaps.  Montezuma's revenge did occur and during the trip back there was an airline strike (check the reason?) which resulted in Mom spending 37 hours at the airport ... not pleasant for anyone let alone someone in their late 60's.

Mom for selfish reasons would have liked to marry one of the Navy guys.  They were all tall, dark and handsome, fun ... and very rich (we're talking officers here).  She thought she should marry one of them so as to preserve her "estate" for her children.  Conversely, these Navy men all thought they were, in Mom's words, "God's gift to women."  So she adroitly kept them at bay.  One of the men was particularly persistent trying all kinds of ploys to get Mom in bed.  Needless to say, I got some chuckles out of Mom's dating reports by long distance phone.  During these discussions, I learned that you can fall in love in the later years ... and you can start feeling like a kid again.

The most persistent man asked Mom to go a ball game in Los Angeles (2 to 3 hour drive).  Mom thought that would be fun but she insisted on driving herself figuring that he was going to find some excuse to stay overnight (... It's late, long drive, too much beer ...).  After considerable discussion, they agreed to meet at the ballpark.  They were having a great time watching the game and talking when ... viola! ... seventh inning stretch.  He suggests, "Let's go get a beer".  The next thing she knows, Mom is being asked to climb into a huge motor home.  He had rented a motor home just for the game!  It was parked in the lot just near the gate.  After quickly sizing up the situation, Mom decided the best strategy was to sit in the passenger seat (a swivel seat).  He kept patting the couch, "Why don't you come and sit here where it is more comfortable?"  Mom's coy reply, "Oh no, I'm very comfortable here and besides, I can see what's going on."  Mom survived the ball game and all other attempts (so she would have me believe) to marry as a proper lady.

While a very successful business woman, she always insisted on being treated as a lady.  I have to love and respect her for that.

What else did I learn?  Draw your own conclusion.

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