Synopsis of Dates in My Life  
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Some of the events are color coded.  Note: Deaths that take place after a normal life-span are not coded as tragic.
9/22/39 Born in Omaha Nebraska.  Grandpa Lloyd drives me home from the hospital in his brand new Chrysler New Yorker, the "last" cars built until the end of WW II.
My uncle Wilber dies while I am visiting the farms in Paxton.  This is my first funeral.  He is very young (40's).  His son, Sammy, is slightly younger than me.  Due to this tragic event, I later decided to break family tradition and not name my son Samuel which causes considerable disappointment to my Dad.  I regret that I failed to explain why ... but Dad is very difficult to talk to.
My parents divorce.  Mom Marries Max Albert Eckert.  At one point, my Dad has Max thrown in jail overnight.  At another point, I'm in a door way with a parent on each arm pulling with me being the "rope" in a tug-of-war.  Classic.
1952 Grandpa Lloyd dies at 72 due to prolonged smoking and high blood pressure.  Mom hits a dog on the day of the funeral.  We find out my suit doesn't fit.
I begin building radio control model aircraft.  I buy a used radio receiver kit for $7.50 (a Lorenz Superhet tube radio with "A" and "B" batteries) ... successfully building the radio for use in the R/C aircraft.  This expands my interest in electronics which eventually results in my leadership in super computer system integration.
Pass drivers test very easy test.  The main task is starting a shift car from a dead stop on very steep hill ... essential for driving in Omaha, a very hilly city.  My first car is Grandpa Lloyd's Chrysler.
My love affair with Marilyn begins at a Halloween party to which I was invited as a setup to re-link me with Sandy Lamb.  After the party, Brian Victoria and I ask Marilyn and Judy Beech to join us.  I can't get Brian to sit in the back seat so that one of the blondes can sit in the front seat with me.  We arrive at the drive-in after the ticket booth is closed.  We are in full costume.   Soon a guard is knocking at our window.
1958 First flying lesson.  I loved planes, but never thought I could fly.  Brian earns license as an "airport kid".  I figure if he can do it ... anyone can.
1957 Awarded company car ... a 1957 Volkswagen.  The wait for the car is about 4 months.  In NY the wait is 1 year.  You can't pick the color, mine is the color of Campbell's canned tomato soup.  The car, a gift from Mom, was intended to be used for out-state repair calls for organs sold.
1957 Graduate from North High School in Omaha Nebraska.  National Honor Society, awarded two competitive scholarships, Omaha University Regent's Scholarship (accepted) and a Navy scholarship turned down.
My grandmother dies.  Mom calls me too late to attend the funeral because I am facing "finals" in a week.
I have three riders for trips home from college.  Each trip, all three see an empty space and bring another item in addition to their dirty laundry.  Eventually, the riders are wedged in holding additional items on their lap for the 150 mile trip.  One rider, Dick _____, eventually joins Control Data and I bump into him totally by accident on arrival at the Arden Hills plant on a business trip from Florida.  He lets me use his desk and walks me to the various appointments.
7/2/60 Married to Marilyn Mae Toft in Omaha, Nebraska ... note: in Douglas County (something white, blue ...)
1961 Graduate from Iowa State College ne: Iowa State University.
6/12/61 Start working for Control Data Corporation ne: Ceridian.
7/x/61 Buy yellow 1941 Piper J3 Cub, N38737.  Hire instructor Jim ___ from Nelson Ryan Aviation to learn how to fly.
9/x/61 Pass checkride for Private Pilot, ASEL.  Marilyn and I fly to Omaha the next day for the holiday weekend.  The checkride takes place at Wold Chamberlain ne: MSP, Minneapolis St. Paul International airport in a Tri-Champ.
9/62 Drive to Groton Conn. to work on the Polaris Submarine at Electric Boat (subsidiary of General Dynamics).
57 -60
Buy 1946 Ercoupe 415C, N2854H.  This an all-metal low-wing aircraft with a bubble cockpit.  We fly to Omaha for weekend visits many times (an easy 3-hour flight).  Twice we fly to Duluth on very hot days to enjoy the beach on the sand spit off the famous lift bridge.
8/23/63 Laura Beth is born in Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis.  We live in Dan Patch apartments, Savage Mn.
8/64 We move to Florida.  I have accepted a job at Cape Canaveral in Florida.  This is later name the Kennedy Space Center.  I have a pivotal role in some of the activities.
1/31/67 Douglas Stephen is born in St. Pete in St. Paul.  We live in Shoreview (rented green house).
I join ISD, Information Systems Division working for Gale Allen.  I was vital to helping him complete the design, integration, delivery and acceptance of the 9-processor AFP system.  This is delivered to a classified customer overseas.  At first, I was a free-roaming consultant and advisor.  As the program schedule lagged, at a party, I told the customer program manager that they better assign me as the Program Manager and stop my new-business travel.  Within a week, I was running the program.
3/26/73 Vicki Michelle is born in Fridley.  We live in the house on the creek.
12/80 Sunny, a great beagle, joins our family 
12/84 Receive Masters Degree from the University of St. Thomas (MBA).  Friend and co-worker graduates at the same time.  He is married to Cynthia who used to work from me in the Star 100 data center.
8/8x I help win ALS/N the Navy Ada contract for $12.7 million.  Don Whitt and I grow that contract to $85 million.
Promoted to second level Executive, Director of SSTD, Software and Systems Technology Division, replacing John Samson.  Roger Handberg is my new boss.  I try to change the name to get rid of the "software" in the name but never succeed.
7/ Pass checkride with _____ for Glider rating.  Soaring (flying sailplanes) becomes my passion.
12/31/9x Early retirement from Ceridian coincident with the sale of Government Systems to General Dynamics.
9/9x Divorce is finalized while I'm at my father's funeral in Orange County California.  Marilyn and her lawyer refuse to cut me any slack in making final property distribution after return from visiting at Elaine's after the funeral (I had 30 days, 10 or so had been spent at the funeral and visiting).  Many Paxton relatives attended.
12/98 Drive to Seattle to spend the winter helping Dave Lozier rebuild his barn and add a basketball court.
6/x/98 I drive to Elmira NY for the SHA workshop.  Hillary Clinton is conducting a "listening tour" in NY.  Rush Limbaugh brags about breaking 80 in golf (a 78 with no "gimmes" nor mulligans).
2/x/99 Placed on the Board of Directors for Siscosoft, Kent Sisco's new company.
7/15/99 Fly to Seattle on a 2-week business trip to help Kent with his launch of Golfwits.  Stay on for 4 months.  We launch product at the 1999 International PGA Show in Las Vegas.  I get a Compaq Aero with Golfwits into the hands of Rush Limbaugh, an infamous radio talk show with an anti-liberal bias. Recently, Rush had mentioned being frustrated with his golf game.
I return home after Kent ran low on money and political problems with Kent's father.  Dave had already dropped out of active involvement for the same reason.

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