Renewable Energy: When? ... Now!
                                  ... and Why?

Climate change is a real problem.  One immediate step towards solving this problem is converting to
Renewable Energy Sources.  Converting to renewable energy has many benefits in the long term. 

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50 Tips and Facts
...What you can do NOW!    

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youtube-HybridCube ... deployment of a Hybrid Cube in Clay County, Missouri
youtube-SolarFarm ... Solar Farm Construction Under Wind Turbines: The EDC Burgos Solar Farm
youtube-Wind/Solar ... A fascinating video of a different wind device next to solar panel

Associated Groups: ... the group Dr. Gray promoted to get legislation passed to promote renewable energy is the Citizens Climate Lobby ... Doug Shoemaker from the Minnesota Renewable Energy Society, 612-308-4757

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Concentration of Greenhouse Gasses  

Renewable Resources Help Avoid Climate Change
Is the point of no return looming?

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Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard Respond to IGN Comments

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