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-  A Duster Project by Lt. Scott S. Thomas

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Dale John getting ready for flight in his Duster - Full View
Contact Information:  Phone - 952-890-3905 or Email - [     ]  

As Advertised in the magazine for SSA, Soaring Society of  America:

Thor - Duster BJ-1B

Duster BJ 1b L/D 28 built in 1981. Two vario, easy to fly. Nicest in the country with full set of plans. Enclosed trailer with three new tires. Strong chute. $7,000. Dale Johnson 952-890-3905 or ddjohn@earthlink.net MN

Dale's Duster was featured at the annual air show in Minneapolis ... see below


Click on Image below for full details from an original promotion sheet ....

Soaring Mag Duster 4 vol. 65 num. 5 May 2001

Some Nice Signatures on the Title page ... click to see Pages  15  16  18  from Soaring 

click to see Pages  22 23 from Private Pilot


Some historical notes ... buy this glider and be a member of an elite group of flyers:

ESA Workshops at Tehachapi - 2006
4:30-5:20        Cam Martin – The Thor BJ-1b Duster Sailplane at Thirty Five: 1971-2006

Cam Martin held a Duster reunion on the 30th anniversary of the Duster design.
July 27, 2001 (Friday at  7:00 to 8:15 PM at Oshkosh Wisconsin) ... The BJ-1b Duster Sailplane at Thirty: 1971-2001.  Oshkosh Wisconsin EAA AirVenture Forum presentation by Cam Martin. He owns and flies Duster #11 at the Skylark North Gliderport in Tehachapi California. His previous Forum Presentations have focused on NASA's X-Planes and Revolutionary Concepts Aircraft.

Website address: quid.us/duster
Created by S. Steve Adkins for Dale Johnson