Pietenpol Shares Stanton with two Stearman Biplanes
Movies - Friday, 18 September 2009
Builders and Test Pilots: Greg Cardinal , Dale Johnson and Chris Bobka
  First Flight ... page down for A Bit of History  

An Antique Homebuilt Airplane
Note: the Pietenpol Homebuilts decended on Oshkosh in celebration of 80 years.  The plane shown below had an honor parking place at the entrance.
  EAA Article  

But ... a sour grapes posting ... seems justified
Pietenpol Overlooked ... Letter to Poberezny and more

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Take off

Greg Cardinal at the controls.
Nice three point landing, note dust as tail skid touches first.
(Webmaster: My wife really likes those wheels)
(Wheels were "scratch" built by Dale Johnson)

Pietenpol and Stearman Share Stanton Grass Field
(Note: Sirens in background ... about 6 police
and Sheriff's cars decended on speed
trap on Hy 56just north of Hy 19)

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