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EAA Major Achievement Award - 2011

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Dale's award was accepted by
Chris Bobka at AirVenture 2011.

Chapter Leaders Breakfast

EAA AirVenture Oshkosh wouldn't be complete without the annual Chapter Leaders Breakfast, Saturday, July 31, 8 a.m. to 10 a.m., in the Founders' Wing located in the EAA AirVenture Museum. There will be plenty of coffee and a full breakfast. The morning will include award presentations of the Major Achievement, Newsletter Editor, and Web Editor Awards.

EAA News Release August 9, 2011 

EAA Chapter Awards Complete List

Links to Dale's Craftsmanship:

Waco CG-4 Cargo Glider ... Dale is restoring two of these monstrous WWII gliders
... Note: Click on "Image Gallery View" in the upper right corner
              Contains a few Hummel UltraCruiser images ... Dale is the Technical Counselor

  Katherine Kirsten column, source StarTribune

1903 Wright Flyer ... Dale Johnson was commissioned by the State of Minnesota to build this full-size, plans-accurate reproduction

Tensile Tester ... Junk Bin Tester ... this design by Dale became very popular in England for required tow rope inspections


Pietenpol Videos ...

Pietenpol Drawings ... Drawings for Dale. Greg Cardinal and Chris Bobka

Two Articles on Pietenpol ... Aircraft built by Dale and Greg ... PDF format (best)  ... HTML

Renegade II Iceboat ... A few construction photos

Miniature Farm Engine - Iceboat Trailer ... Page down for Images ... also note Dale sawing slots in angle iron for iceboat slush runners

http://quid.us/duster/  ... SOLD ... Dale flew this glider for many years.  He bought this glider from the builder, Jim Wood

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Links to Dale's activities in Minnesota

Broadhead Pietenpol Association ... The official organization for builders

Vintage Sailplane Organization ... Dale was the cover model for their newsletter Bungee Cord ...

Minnesota Soaring Club ... Over 100 members ... old website  

Iceboating ... activities of a small group of Minnesota iceboaters

Hummel UltraCruiser ... Dale is the Technical adviser and Tool & Die maker for this all metal ultralight

... Wheel built from scratch by Dale Johnson for the Pietenpol

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