Thank you for your interest in the Control Data/Ceridian Retirees Club.  It is a great group with many activities for members in the metro area.  The retirement club is able to provide you greatly reduced rates for local events, seminars, bus trips in Minnesota and nation-wide tours and cruises.  Review a recent club newsletter to see the wide range of activities and events. (Return to the homepage to download a newsletter.) 
Club Rules, Regulations and benefits ... click here  

Included below are two forms: the MEMBERSHIP ENROLLMENT FORM for new members and the RENEWAL FORM for current members.

Your membership fee will be recovered through savings by attending merely one event!
To enroll for this year, just fill out the Enrollment Form with $10.00 each for the retiree and spouse (if applicable). This membership fee will carry for the current year membership.
The monthly NEWS LETTER is mailed out every month, however we do have an e-mail delivery option, where we notify you when the document is ready and you can go to this web site and download.  E-mail delivery is less expensive for the club, so we recommend this delivery, but we also support the USPS method.
Hope you join. If you have any questions, contact us at  Or at the club phone : 952-863-6562. Either way someone will get back to you.

For new members:     Enrollment Form 
It is suggested that if both you and your spouse are qualified retirees
        that you both individually fill out the Enrollment Form.

For members renewing:   Renewal Form 

    Include a note indicating your choice of electronic delivery of the newsletter or delivery via the U.S. Postal Service.
    We strongly encourage electronic delivery:
       - reduces the work load of volunteer staff.
       - reduces costs to the club while increasing our ability to offer discounted prices.
       - electronic delivery is immediate; thus,
            ... you have an advantage over members who opt for USPS if the event is over-subscribed.
       - finally, electronic deliver is in COLOR!

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