Book Signings

Recently, retiree board members were involved in two book signings.  These two books chronicle the history of Control Data Corporation from two different view points ... wealth generation and human resources pioneering.  Both books provide a much broader history of our company than their titles suggest.

Generation of Wealth:  The rise of Control Data and how it inspired an era of innovation and investment in the Upper Midwest
By Donald M. Hall

You may be surprised to learn that the success of Control Data led to successful funding of Medtronic and other startup businesses.  In addition to covering the generation of wealth, the author provides substantial historical information of interest to past employees of Control Data.  Further, there are many "nuggets" of interesting facts not well known.
Amazon: Generation of Wealth
Barnes and Nobel:  Generation of Wealth
Itasca Books: Generation of Wealth
Nodin Press: 2014/Gen Wealth release.pdf

HR Pioneers: A History of Human Resource Innovations at Control Data Corporation
By Mark Jensen with Norb Berg, Frank Dawe, Jim Morris and Gene Baker

While this book often focuses on the social business ventures, it covers much of the general history of the company; plus, some details of business ventures and spin-offs not directly related to HR innovations.  Employees were both proud and sometimes frustrated by the efforts of Control Data to address social issues through good business practices.
The Relentless Scribe: Mark Jensen's webpage
Amazon: HR Pioneers
Barnes and Nobel: HR Pioneers
North Star Press:  HR Pioneers

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