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Control Data Offspring
By EVAN RAMSTAD ... March 24, 2021

Ceridian HCM:  Enterprise software and services
SkyWater:  Chipmaker
Polar Semiconductor:  Chipmaker
Seagate:  Hard Drive (formerly Imprimis)
Edmentum:  Education software and services
Neilsen Co:  Media Measurement (formerly Arbitron)
Ontrack:  Data Recovery (formerly Quorum and Kroll)


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Think history is boring?  Two new books that prove otherwise.       
Generation of Wealth      
HR Pioneers    
Two books ... Two views ... Control Data Corporation.  You lived this history!
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There are three links on the above webpage ... links are being kept to the absolute minimum:
        - How St. Paul was almost Silicon Valley ... St. Paul Pioneer Press
        - CDC Photos Collaborative Website ... Enjoy historic photos, please help identify people and places.
        - Wikipedia ... You lived the history now join a collaborative group writing the history!

Thomas J. Watson, Jr. asked, "How is it that this tiny company of 34 people — including the janitor — can be beating us when we have thousands of people?"
These links may help to answer this question.

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