Reference Drawing and Materials
(Carbon Dragon Drawings and Builders Manual
1/2 Scale ... 1/4 Full Size
Jim Maupin expressed hope that designers would take this design to the next level.
Modern composite materials, especially carbon, now make this dream possible.

These 23 drawings were scanned from full size plans in PDF format.
The PDF files were converted to JPEG using PaintShop Pro.
The full size JPEG digitized drawings were 3500x1700 pixels.
The drawings below have been reduced in size to 2000x1000 pixels.
That is roughly one-half scale which results in a drawing that is one-quarter in size.

These reduced sized plans are provided for
review and educational purposes only.
They do not consitute a license to build.

Go to websites such as ebay or Homesail to find full size plans for sale.
If you buy a set, it is tradition to send $100 to the Maupins.

Drawing 1 
Drawing 2 
Drawing 3
Drawing 4
Drawing 5
Drawing 6
Drawing 7 
Drawing 8 
Drawing 9 
Drawing 10
Drawing 11
Drawing 12

Drawing 13
Drawing 14 
Drawing 15
Drawing 16
Drawing 17
Drawing 18
Drawing 19
Drawing 20
Drawing 21
Drawing 22
Drawing 23

Builders Manual:
The electronic version of the Carbon Dragon Builders Manual
by Brian Davis
is now available for download on this website:
builders_manual.doc  size: 2.602 megabytes  size: 1.9999 megabytes

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